Luxury Bedding: What is a Bed Skirt’s “drop?”

Bed Skirt DropA bed skirt’s drop is the measure between the top of the box spring or foundation and the bottom of the bedskirt.

Standard practice allows 1 inch between the bottom of the bedskirt and the floor. A bedframe is usually 7 ½ inches off the floor and traditional box springs are about 7 ½ inches off the floor, making the top of the bed skirt about 15 inches off the floor.

There are two types of bed skirts: deck and panel:

1) A deck bed skirt attaches the side panels to a piece of decking fabric that goes all the way under your mattress. You need to lift your mattress to fit the decked bedskirt on your bed.

2) A panel bed skirt is made of 3 panels that are pinned to the side of your boxspring. It is adjustable in height, so you can raise it if it’s too long and lower it if it’s too short.

When purchasing a bed skirt, you will need to take the measurement from the floor to the top of your box spring or mattress foundation. Bed skirts can be purchased from 14” to 22” in height. Tailored / pleated bed skirts usually fit with 1” between the floor and bottom of the bed skirt for a clean, crisp look, but ruffled / gathered bed skirts can be fit 2 – 3 “ off the floor or flowing 2 – 3” onto the floor, depending on the style.

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