Determining the Right Size of Duvet Cover for Your Down Filled Comforter

Choosing the right duvet size for your comforter can be confusing. It ought to be as simple as measuring your comforter and finding a duvet cover the exact same size.

Unfortunately, it isn’t…

Though duvet covers are made for specific comforter sizes, they do vary greatly in size. One manufacturer may make its queen-size duvet covers that are 66 by 86 inches, which would allow a three-inch overhang on all sides of a standard 60 by 80 inch queen-size mattress. However, since there is no agreement between comforter manufacturers and duvet cover makers about coordinating sizes between the two products, consumers are left on their own to figure out which works best.

Down is highly compressible, which means you could successfully stuff your king-size down comforter into a duvet cover made for a twin bed. This would give you a duvet approximately twice the height of your comforter. On the other hand, you could use a queen or double-size comforter in a queen-size duvet cover and achieve a much lighter, sleeker look.

The route you choose to take is entirely up to you. Your choice will depend on how much heat you need your down comforter to provide and the design effect you want to achieve. During hot summer nights, for example, you might want to put your down comforter into a larger duvet cover to lessen the heat it produces. Colder winter months would mandate doing the exact opposite.

Generally speaking, keeping the measurements of your down comforter and duvet cover within six inches of each other will provide the most satisfying result.

The one exception to this rule is a comforter a manufacturer describes as suitable for either a double or a queen-size bed; because a queen-size mattress is six inches wider and inches longer than a double-size mattress, a comforter will have far less overhang on the queen-size bed than it will have on the double-size, meaning you may well want to go for both a bigger comforter and duvet cover as well.

Essentially it can be a trial and error process that boils down to choosing the size that amply covers your bed while providing the look that you are trying to achieve.

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