Does a feather bed mattress topper go under the fitted sheet?

Feather Bed Mattress TopperI am looking at buying a feather bed mattress topper (not one of the foam ones), but don’t understand how they stay on the bed. Do they go under the fitted sheet? If they go over, how do you keep them clean? Can you wash them? My husband is a big guy and tosses around a lot. How do you keep the topper on the bed? I like their fluffy and comfy look but don’t understand exactly how to use them.


Yes a feather bed goes under the fitted sheet. The weight of the feather bed, 8 – 12 lbs, helps keep the feather bed in place, but the fitted sheet also makes sure it stays in place. You may need an extra deep pocket fitted sheet to go over the feather bed if your mattress is very deep.

The best feather beds have corner elastic straps that further secure them, and some even have a pocket attached at the bottom that snugs down over the mattress just like a fitted sheet, and tucks in under the mattress. If your feather bed does not come with corner straps, they are sold separately in some stores.

A waterproof mattress protector or mattress pad over the feather bed will further prevent shifting. They also do the best job at preventing body oils, dirt, dust mites, spills, etc. from working their way down in to the feather topper.

A feather bed cover is another handy way to help keep a feather bed clean. They slip over the feather bed and come off easily for washing. You can wash feather beds in a front loading washing machine if yours is large enough. Do not use a machine with an agitator as it will damage fabric and feathers. Usually home machines are not large enough, so most people take them into a professional cleaner.

With a mattress protector or pad, you should only need to wash your feather bed once or twice per year. Some manufacturers recommend dry cleaning only because washing may cause the cotton fabric to leak down. In this case you should take to professional cleaner.

Down Alternative feather beds and FiberBeds are also available. Some people prefer these because they are also hypoallergenic, don’t have quills, are machine washable (usually at home), and are lighter. Periodically airing out your feather bed on a sunny day will help it stay fresh and give it a pleasant smell. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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