Does memory foam give off an odor or toxic fumes?

My wife is against getting a memory foam mattress due to odor. Is it true that these beds give off odors and possibly toxic fumes? I see your website cover the new flame retardent specs, but I see no mention of getting rid of the apparent odors. My wife had to return a memory foam pillow a few years back due to smell and her allergies. If I can be assured that your mattress will be odorless, I would consider bying one.

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Hi Jeff,

We can test to see if your wife has a sensitivity to the foam we use. Send me your shipping address and I’ll send a sample of the foam. Our foam is made here in the US by Bayer Corporation (as in Bayer Aspirin) to comply with US consumer safety regulations. Off gassing is normal for any polyurethane product and has not been shown to cause any harm.

The chemicals used in polyurethane foam production in the U.S. are regulated by EPA, OSHA and state and local environmental and health agencies. I have allergies also, so understand how certain smells can be awful to some people, but not others. The foam we use has a quickly dissipating odor for about 3 weeks, but is only faint after that. Whether or not it will bother your wife, I’m not sure. That’s why it’s a good idea to test it.

To my knowledge, no polyurethane products are odorless. But you probably use many in your daily life that don’t bother you. For example, innerspring mattresses have polyurethane foam layers above the springs. Being the most common type of mattress, you have most likely slept on one at some point in your life. So if you have gotten used to that, you should be ok with a memory foam mattress.

Polyurethane foam is also used in couch cushions, car seats, home insulation, clothing, and many other items that you would normally come into contact with. Some memory foam has worse odor than others. Why this is true, in terms of the exact chemical makeup of the foam, I’m not sure. But even products with a strong initial odor don’t retain that smell permenantly. Of the memory foam I’ve tested, from 15-20 different suppliers, the odor will dissipate to a very minimal, unnoticeable level somewhere between 3-8 weeks. I hope that helps.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

5 thoughts on “Does memory foam give off an odor or toxic fumes?

  1. jane price

    Are there any warnings against using electric blankets with memory-foam mattresses?
    We weren’t given advice when we bought ours 3 years ago.

  2. Mike

    My wife bought a memory foam mattress topper around a year ago and unfortunately, it smells absolutely awful, still, and the smell wont go away. I don’t know if it is “Tris” or if it is chlorinated or brominated or whatever.

    So, now its summer, and when it gets hot it smells much worse. Now is making the upper floor of our house intolerably smelly because that is where we put it while it “airs out”.

    We really should just throw it out, but whan I suggest it we get in a big argument.

    Its huge and it must weigh 40 or 50 lbs. Its sticky and weird feeling.

    I can’t get her to throw it out. I cannot imagine sleeping on it. It gives me a splitting headache even thinking about it. What the hell can I do?

    To the person who has allergies. You need a cover to put around your mattress. It doesn’t matter what kind of mattress is inside, what matters is that dust mites cannot get inside it. Also get a electronic humidity monitor at Radio Shack and keep your indoor humidity low. When its kept under 50-55% they can’t survive.

    The cover should be a very tight weave – allergy stores have them. Thats what you need,


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