How will you ship my memory foam mattress?

Shipping a Vacuum Packed MattressI just moved into my new house, but I’ve got to go back and get some things from my old house next week. Can I order the bed now? How fast do your memory foam mattresses ship? I want to be here when it delivers so it doesn’t sit out in the rain. What do I do if the bed arrives with damage from shipping?

Jim Stark – Ashland, Oregon

Hey Jim. Most of the beds we sell are made to order. So when you order on our site, we make the bed and ship it within a few days, with a tracking # so you can monitor its progress online and know the exact day that it will arrive. Your mattress will deliver in 1-3 business days; some western states, like Washington and Arizona may take 5 business days to deliver.

Most of our beds are vacuum packed and can ship with a ground service: DHL, FedEX, or UPS. But a few of our beds cannot be rolled, so they must ship with a freight company.

If your bed will be delivered by a ground service, they will leave it at your front door. We have the option of requiring a signature before delivery. That way you can be sure to be present when the bed delivers. Just let us know when you order the bed that you want a signature delivery.

If your mattress ships via freight, then you will need to be there to sign paperwork upon delivery. Be sure to inspect the packaging for any signs of damage. If there is a tear in the box, then make a note of it on the bill of lading (paperwork), something like this:

“Box torn in 2 places. Contents may be damaged. Needs to be opened for thorough inspection.”

Freight companies will only honor claims for damages when it’s noted on the bill of lading. If you sign the bill of lading without making a note of damages, that means that you are accepting the shipment in good condition.

Whether your mattress ships via a ground service or freight, notify us immediately if it arrives with damages. We rarely have experienced items arriving with damage. It’s a small problem, but good to know what to do if it happens.

If you don’t have a covered porch (or other) to receive the package, then you will need to know the day it is scheduled to arrive. Be sure to watch for the package and get it out of the weather as soon as possible. The mattress will be covered in plastic, but water is a very tricky thing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it found a way to seep in during a storm.

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