Is an electric adjustable bed noisy?

Electrical Bed Motor 

 Electrical Adjustable Bed Motor

Electric adjustable beds are very quiet. Both the motor that raises and lowers that bed AND the massage motor are super quiet. Leggett & Platt® adjustable beds have Whisper Quiet (DC) or Powerlift™ (AC) motors that you can barely hear. In fact, most people enjoy the sound of the massage motor. It helps lull you to sleep.The Leggett & Platt® owners manual details adjustable bed motor operations and acoustics as follows:

Lifting / Lowering Mechanism

The lift/lower feature will emit a minimal humming sound during operation. This is normal. During operation, the lift arm wheels make contact with the platform support of the bed. This applies slight tension on the moving components and resonance is reduced to a minimum level. If excessive noise or vibration is experienced, reverse the movement action (up or down) of the bed with the hand control. This should realign the bed’s activating mechanisms to the proper operational position.

Massaged Operation

The massage feature will emit a minimal tone during operation. This is normal. When the massage level is increased, motor resonance will intensify accordingly.

Location Environment

The level of sound experienced during operation is directly related to the location environment. For example, when a bed is located on a hardwood floor with the massage feature in operation, a vibrating tone will be audible. To minimize this resonance, place a piece of carpet—or optional rubber caster cups—under each leg or caster of the bed. See the Accessories section of this manual for rubber caster cup order information.It is possible to experience vibration or noise from the headboard brackets, headboards or footboards if mounting bolts are not firmly tightened.

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