Mattress Maintainance

mattressWhen it comes to mattress maintenance one question persists… To flip or not to flip?

Pillowtop mattresses, memory foam mattresses, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, each designed with individual features. If the mattress is a pillow top, memory foam, or latex it was more than likely designed as a no flip product.  If the spring mattress looks the same on both the front and back, then it doesn’t matter which side is being used and should be flipped at least once a year, with the best results flipping twice a year, say spring and fall. 

While the ultimate goal of flipping a mattress is to get the bottom side up and the top side down, keeping light fixtures intact, yourself from being pinned under the mattress and not folding the mattress are also important.  Getting help especially with queen and king mattresses is recommended.  Scoot the head of the mattress about half way down the bed, rotate while flat half a turn, then lift the bottom edge and place it near the headboard, continue the full rotation then square the corners up. Voila!

Although your mattress may be a no flip model, all mattresses benefit from rotating.  Rotating your mattress from head to foot on a regular basis provides equal wear distribution on all sides. You might check your mattress warranty to find how often you should rotate your mattress, if not listed on your warranty, once a month is recommended. New mattresses should be rotated even more frequently to ensure proper “breaking in”.

Mattresses that are regularly flipped and or rotated usually last longer and feel more comfortable, because of the equal wear on all sides. Enlist assistance if you need a little help then flip and or rotate that mattress for a more comfortable, better nights sleep for you and a longer lasting mattress! Sweet Dreams!

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