Adjustable Bed AC vs DC Motors

AC DC motorsThe motor of the Adjustable Bed is said to be the heart of the bed. A good strong motor to accomplish the primary application of your bed is then going to help you determine which motor is right for your adjustable base.
The differences between these two motors rest in the electrical currents, the alternating current (AC) and the direct current (DC). Both can get the job done, but knowing what you want from your bed, listing your considerations will help determine the correct motor for you.

First we must look at basic differences of the two motors. The AC motor has the capability of lifting more weight. Remember the weight being lifted is everything on the base which would include the mattress and total body weight of each individual on the bed. The DC motor while not quite as strong has its own special advantages. The DC motor is quieter, more energy efficient, and has the ability to have a battery backup, which gives the operator the ability to lower the bed to a flat position when there is a power failure.

Whether the greater lifting capacity or the quieter, more energy efficient motor is more important to you,  Leggett and Platt has a variety of Adjustable Bed models that will fit your needs.

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